Student Affair

Frequent Questions and Answers (FAQ)

  1. How do I contact the IE study program? answer: send an email to, incoming email will be processed according to the queue.
  2. What about other problems? answer: send an email, according to the subject. ex. Subject, UKT, Thesis, Attendance, etc. Write your name, NIM/ID
  3. Is it possible, for contacting the head office via online [zoom, other media], answer: yes by appointment.
  4. For problems or questions, can I go through the study program chat? Answer: who online will make an answers, according to the queue.
  5. How about for sending the documents, for example, submitting an internship report signature, submitting a letter of late IRS, sending copies of thematic KKN scores, etc. Answer: you can email
  6. What about WA Substitute? Answer: it can be through the study program chat, for example students sending questions or problems can be directly addressed. Example: attendance-presence through Pak Edy, and verification of Graduation to Pak Imam, Journal to Mbak Sekar, and Internship/Kompre to Pak Wasto. and if it is directly connected the chat is replied to by the executor.

Thank you