The Faculty of Economics and Business, Diponegoro University, which was established on March 14, 1960, is one of the faculties at Diponegoro University, Semarang. Since 2011, the Faculty of Economics, Diponegoro University has changed its name to the Faculty of Economics and Business, Diponegoro University (FEB UNDIP). FEB UNDIP has 3 Departments: Department of Management, Department of Economics and Development Studies and Department of Accounting.
FEB UNDIP has a Diploma, Bachelor’s, Strata 2 Masters and Strata 3 Doctoral education levels in all majors. Master programs consist of Masters in Management (established 1997), Masters in Accounting (established 1999) and Masters in Economics and Development Studies (established 2000). The Strata 3 Doctoral Program was opened in 2002. FEB UNDIP also has a professional program called Accounting Profession Education which was established in 2003. All educational programs at FEB UNDIP have received “A” accreditation by the National Accreditation Board – Universities, Republic of Indonesia.