There  are  several  courses  related  to  energy  economics  that you  may  be  interested  in  pursuing, depending on your background and career goals. Some common options include:

  1. Energy Economics: This is a general course that covers the economic principles and policies that apply to energy markets and the production, distribution, and consumption of energy resources.

  2. Environmental and Resource Economics: This course focuses on the economic analysis of environmental problems, including issues related to energy production, use, and policy.

  3. Energy Policy: This course covers the development and implementation of energy policies, including topics such as energy regulation, market structure, and renewable energy.

  4. Natural  Resource  Economics:  This  course  focuses  on  the  economics  of  managing  and conserving natural resources, including energy resources, and the trade-offs involved in resource extraction and the trade-offs involved in resource extraction and use.

  5. Energy Markets and Regulation: This course covers the structure and functioning of energy markets, including issues related to market design, competition, and regulation.

  6. Energy and the Environment: This course explores the intersection of energy production, use, and environmental impacts, and the economic and policy options for addressing energy-related environmental issues.