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General Information on the Study Programmes

Higher education institution (HEI) Universitas Diponegoro
Degree awarding institution: Universitas Diponegoro


Programme name: Bachelor of Economics

Master of Economics

Master of Management

Bachelor of Management

Doctoral Programme in Economics

Degree awarded: Bachelor of Economics and Management:

Master  of Economics and Management :

Doctoral of Economics:

Type of  programme: Bachelor Programme (Economics and Management) Master Programme (Economics and Management), Doctoral programme (Economics)
Projected study time and number of ECTS points assigned to the study  programme: Bachelor of Economics: 4 years 235 ECTS

Master of Economics: 4 Semesters, 60 ECTS

Master of Management: 4 Semesters, 67.2 ECTS

Bachelor of Management: 4 years 237 ECTS

Doctoral Programme in Economics: 6 semesters 82.45 ECTS

Mode of study: full-time
Didactic approach: study programme with obligatory class attendance
Double/Joint Degree programme: Bachelor of Economics: Optional

Master of Economics: No

Master of Management: Optional

Bachelor of Management: Optional

Doctoral Programme in Economics: No

Scope (planned number of parallel classes) and enrolment capacity: Bachelor of Economics: 5 parallel classes – 240 per year

Master of Economics: 2 Parallel classes – 40 per year

Master of Management: 3 Parallel classes (Parallel I, Parallel II, Parallel III); 150 per year

Bachelor of Management: 8 parallel classes – 380 per year

Doctoral Programme in Economics: 3 classes (concentration) – 50 students

Programme cycle starts in: Bachelor of Economics: Summer Semester (August)

Master of Economics: Summer Semester (August) and Winter Semester (February)

Master of Management: Summer Semester (August) and Winter Semester (February)

Bachelor of Management: Summer Semester (August)

Doctoral Programme in Economics: Summer Semester (August)


Initial start of the  programme: Bachelor of Economics: 1984

Master of Economics: 2000

Master of Management: 1994

Bachelor of Management: 1984

Doctoral Programme in Economics: 2002